markthree media

Your website is brilliant. Your social media strategy is firmly in place and attracting followers, fans and engagement. What’s missing from your brand’s online presence?  Web video.

Here are the top three things online video can do for your brand:

Show What You Do

Elements of your business that may take 1,500 words to describe on your website can often be explained and shown in a matters of seconds with video.  Difficult concept? Lengthy instructions? A picture may say a thousand words, but moving images can speak even louder.

Show Who You Are

In an age of individuality where companies and brands are trying to connect on a more individual level, by representing your brand in person, or using brand representatives, you can connect to your audience and customers in a much more personal way. 

Let Your Audience In

In the arts and entertainment business online video can be a great way of offering a behind-the-scenes glimpse at the world beyond the stage and screen.  Offering a peek at the creative process, gig and shoot preparations alongside other things that fans, viewers and followers wouldn’t normally see can lead engagement and help draw them in to your world.