Video is becoming a bigger and bigger sales tool for businesses, whether ‘real-world’ or online. Video can help highlight features of your product or service, establish a connection with your brand or its people and provide you with a window into the wider world.

As more and more people turn to online video, here are a few things to remember when you’re planning video content for your site:

1. It’s not always about ‘viral’

Yes, funny, creative or controversial videos can potentially go viral and put your brand in front of millions of people, but that’s not always what online video should be about.

Online retailers have discovered that simply showcasing their products in a video – even as simply as holding up a pair of shoes and showing them off – can significantly increase sales.  Videos of products aren’t going to go viral, but they may make the difference between someone clicking on “Buy” or clicking off to another site.

2. Brevity is the soul of everything

With the exception of instructional videos, there is little point in having a video online that lasts longer than 3 minutes.  Studies have shown that average viewing times of online video are around 1min 30secs and that the number of people who view an entire video falls off exponentially over 1 minute in length.

If you can’t say all you need to say in three minutes consider breaking your message up into several “episodes” or re-thinking what you’re trying to communicate into a more simple form. Is your idea simply too complex to describe/explain in a three-minute video?

3. Treat it like TV

You may not have the marketing budget to pay for a multi-million pound commercial, but you should treat everything you put online as a piece of broadcast television. It’s a theory that underlines everything we do at markthree and something we believe in strongly.

Online video represents your brand and you want it to reflect the qualities you believe in. Treating your films like TV will make sure you’re presenting yourself to your customers and clients in the very best way possible.

Above all, talk about what you want to achieve with your production company and never be afraid to ask for more.