Everyone knows what social media is. You might have a Facebook page, you may even tweet occasionally. But the truth is that social media can be so much more. Whether it’s used to drive viewers to a specific campaign or content, building awareness of your organisation, or simply engaging and learning from your clients or users, every organisation small or large can benefit. Social media is about people. And every organisations relies on people to be a success.

The fact is, a clear, well thought out strategy with a defined target can deliver huge benefits. At markthree media we can work with you at every level to develop and implement a strategy that can work for you.

In February we worked with the charity, Relate, to design and manage a social media campaign to publicise new research findings and a campaign video concerning Relate’s counselling services for young people.

The markthree media team worked out a strategy, combining twitter, facebook and parent bloggers to maximise interest and publicity on social media. Once the strategy was approved by Relate, markthree media took over their twitter and facebook accounts, sending teasers leading questions on twitter and facebook during the week leading up to the launch of the research and the video, on Friday February 24th. Then, on the day itself, we tweeted hard and fast all day, sending out key facts from the research and requesting re-tweets to get the message out as far and as fast as possible.

The young people surveyed by Relate were asked what celebrity they would most like to be best friends with and, surprisingly, the number one choice was Stephen Fry. We contacted Stephen and asked him to support the release of this finding, as well as the more serious findings suggesting that more young people than ever were coming forward to Relate counsellors for help with mental health problems. Stephen Fry was only too happy to offer his support and tweeted for us, from New Zealand, at the end of the day.

Through twitter, we reached 3 million, two hundred thousand people. We had several thousand re-tweets that we were able to track.

To help get people behind the campaign and tweet for us, we invited parent bloggers to post about their own stories and concerns in connection with mental health issues and counselling for young people. This gave ownership of the campaign to a key group of bloggers who represent, and are read by, a target audience of the campaign and ensured tweets were sent and re-tweeted among this group throughout the day. Twelve people blogged for us. These were all from very different perspectives and were very moving. The combined readership of the blogs was around 5 000 and combined twitter followers of the bloggers, reached a further 20 000 people.

One of the bloggers was Pip, the Gypsy teenager who wrote an open letter to Channel 4 about Big Fat Gypsy Weddings. His blog receives around 1000 hits but the open letter post reached nearly 50 000. He told me his post had had over 500 unique readers in the first two hours and it is still being widely tweeted as he talked for the first time about the day his brother committed suicide and how difficult it is for the travelling community to access mental health support and counselling. His blog was tweeted and re-tweeted again on the following Tuesday evening, during the screening of Big Fat Gypsy Wedding to make use of the ‘BFGW’ hashtag leading the twitter trending topics. This blog is still being spread throughout the social networks.

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