About us

markthree media was founded in 2007. Having witnessed first-hand the way many production companies treat anyone with a difference in the industry – be it parents or those with disabilities – it was decided to set up a company that was different, and not afraid of difference.

From then on, markthree media has had wide success both in the corporate and broadcast world. As seasoned broadcast professionals, we used our knowledge of the industry to create broadcast-quality content for corporate clients. Known for our innate storytelling ability, the company specialises in telling your story in an entertaining and engaging manner.

markthree media believes that everything we make should represent the company’s core values:

Integrity: This runs through everything we do, from treating people with honesty and respect, to always pricing and quoting jobs fairly – if we save money along the way, we pass those savings on to you. The films we make are always of the highest quality – we don’t let anything leave us until we know our client is completely satisfied with what we have made for them.

Inclusivity: With both of our directors having a disability, we are passionate about inclusion and access. The media is a hard place to work at the best of times, but if you have any kind of difference it makes it almost impossible. As a company we work closely with the disability organisation Scope to help young disabled talent gain experience of working in the industry. We also work hard to promote diversity in all its forms on-screen – our country is wonderful in its difference and we should always reflect that.

Ingenuity: We are ideas people – whether it’s a corporate marketing strategy or a television series, our creative team are second to none. Having had years of experience in problem solving, creative budgeting solutions and thinking outside the box – our ingenuity not only benefits our clients who want big ideas or innovation but also means we are able to make the most of whatever budget we have available.


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